We feel we can conquer almost any challenge in this industry. In keeping with this mission, we offer a wide variety of services.
The services we offer are:

Landscape Designs

All of our landscape designs are computer generated drawings that are the blueprints of the project you dream of.  Even though we charge a fee which is in proportion to the scale of the project, we will credit you the amount of the design if you choose us to go through with the work for you. In addition to doing design/install work, we also do custom designs for those do it yourselfers out there. 


We do all scales of hardscaping projects such as retaining walls, interlocking brick driveways, sidewalks, and patios, concrete, and all types of natural stone.  We build all of our hardscapes from the foundation up so you can have something that is rock solid to stand up against the test of time.  We only use polymeric sand and stone dust for all of our interlock and flagstone to give you the best and most durable surface, as well as to eliminate weeds from growing between the cracks.


When it comes to the plants in your yard, nobody, except the people we get our plants from, knows more about plants than we do. That is why we continue to pick the perfect plants for every situation to get you the lush garden you desire. We feel that as professionals, it is our duty to pick the perfect plant every time. If we install any plants that don't perform  to your standards or dies, we will replace them for free! 


Even though we don't cut lawns, we do offer yard maintenance. We can top up your mulch or add stone as a groundcover.  We will professionally prune (not just take the hedge trimmers to everything!) all of your plants to the proper size, health, and structure each individual species needs to look and perform at it's best.  This ensures you get the lifespan out of your yard without having to prematurely rip plants out and start over because everything just got too big. We do spring and fall clean-ups when these seasons leave us with huge messes.  And last but not least, yes we pull weeds too!


We like to call this mother nature's carpet.  When we install a lawn from either seed or sod, we always till the soil to provide a good soil profile for all the new roots to take a good hold and ensure success.  One of the main reasons lawns may never reach their full potential is due to improper soil preparation prior to the establishment of the turf. We make sure the soil is properly amended and fertilized for proper plant health. We use locally grown sod so it is already used to our climate and use the best grass seed blends for your specific needs.  We put in the proper work for you now so that you don't have to be a slave to your lawn later! If you have healthy soil, you have healthy grass, period.


We don't let the walls stop us from bringing plants indoors!  We are one of the few companies in the county to offer this service.  We provide proper care and maintenance of indoor tropical plants from fertilizing and pruning to installations. 

Living Walls

We are the only company in the area which works with Nedlaw Living walls to install and maintain their Living Wall Air Bio-Filters.  There are currently four walls in the area which include two at the University of Windsor inside the Medical and Engineering buildings, one at Leamington Town Hall and one at the David Suzuki Public School. Soon there will be an additional double sided living wall at the Lasalle Town Hall which will be the largest double sided wall they have come up with to date!  These walls don't just look great, they filter all the air in the building to give the people inside of them even better air quality than outdoors! 
Check out Nedlaw Living Walls at for more information about this amazing technology!

Water Features

Whether you want a tranquil pond to relax by as you feed your koi or a bubbling rock to add excitement to your yard, we can deliver beautiful water features that will bring an added focal point to your garden paradise.
No job is too big or small, as we treat each project with the same meticulous attention to detail.
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